Thursday, 8 November 2012

Handmade Wedding invitation

We're getting married!

In preparation for my youngest son's upcoming wedding, I made several invitation samples for him and his fiance' to choose from. They chose the colors (navy blue and orange) and it was up to me to come up with a design. This invitation opens in the middle as you can see. In this sample, I have white paper inside but had they chosen this design, I would have printed the wedding details on velum instead of white paper. I used a circle punch and made three tabs that keep the invitation closed, sort of like tucking the flaps of a cardboard box when closing. Although they didn't choose this particular invitation, I can see myself using this design for other occasions.


  1. Love this! Can we see the one they picked? :-) The tabs are great. Would the velum stay inside and not fall out the sides?

    1. Hi Joyce. Thank you for the comment. I truly appreciate it. As per your request, I've posted the one they chose along with their wedding favor. :)I use a clear sticky strip to attach the velum to the inside of the invitation so it stays put.

  2. I love the eloquence of this. The ribbon on the tag adds a special touch.