Friday, 28 December 2012

Assorted Christmas cards

Christmas Assortment

Hello everyone,
Sorry for such a long spell between postings. I've been busy making cards but just didn't have a chance to post some of them before going away for Christmas. I was able to make and send out a  total of 116 Christmas cards this year. An all time record for me. Some were quite fancy and time consuming to make and others were clean, simple and somewhat quick to make. I usually make 10 to 15 of each design. Here are just a few of my more simple creations. Hope you like them. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh, Laurie, lovely lovely Christmas cards. Okay, which one was going to be mine? LOL I was out of town, sheesh, I manage to miss out of all the fun.
    I sure like the assortment of cards you show here. Do you also make Greeting Card gift packs for your friends and/or family for gifts? I would love to see that if you have a sampling. BTW, waiting for that NEXT video....#2??? Did you say what and when on that?

  2. Laurie,Such very cute cards and where did you det the kitty kat one.It just reminds me of You truely amaze me in all you do...I am lucky if I can get one card done in a day.Thanks for sharing:)))Just pm me to let me know the stamp if you can.Your Friend Tammie HUgs:))))